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photo by Buffalo James Photography

Thank you to our donors and recipients who have taken the time to share their stories and gratitude with us! 

“I was so excited, and relieved when I found out that there was a way that we could still give her breast milk, even if it wasn’t coming from my breasts.  I am so thankful for the woman who took the time and effort to donate, and for their decision to help other families in need.  Without them, my child could not have the benefits that breast milk gives, and we wouldn’t have this option.”

-Megan, breast milk recipient

“Our baby is thriving because of this donation and a huge burden has been lifted off of our shoulders. If it weren’t for Mothers’ Milk Bank of Montana I don’t know what we would have done.”

– breast milk recipient

“I am writing this note to express to Mother’s Milk Bank of Montana how much of a blessing they have been for my foster child. The child we are caring for was born addicted to drugs. He was miserable the first few months of his life often waking up screaming because of severe stomach pain. It was heartbreaking to see him in so much pain day after day..

Thank you to all of the generous mamas who donate their milk. I think back on what this baby has gone through in his short little life and see how blessed he is now thanks to the generosity of strangers. Thank you again to MMBMT and to the women who have donated to bless this little baby’s life..

It’s difficult to find the words to express my deep gratitude for the amazing gift of health that MMBMT has given this baby. It has been incredible to see a baby who cried all of the time because he was in so much pain from horrible diarrhea, gas, and spitting up to become this happy, healthy little person.”

Lisa, breast milk recipient

“I exclusively breastfed my daughter until she was diagnosed with Failure to Thrive at 3 months old because she was not gaining sufficient weight. Although I have tried everything to increase my milk supply including herbs, pumping in between feedings, breast compression and even taking domperidone, I still struggle to maintain a sufficient milk supply for my daughter.

“When I learned that I could get donor milk for my baby, I got a prescription from my doctor and drove two hours to Missoula to pick up the milk. Donor milk is expensive and the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Montana was gracious enough to donate 30 ounces of milk for my daughter and for that I am grateful. My daughter is thriving on donor milk and the constipation and gas have all but gone away.”

Sarah, breast milk recipient

“Thank you SO much to the generous donor whose donation allowed our brand new foster baby to get colostrum and other breast milk to boost his immunity and get him the vitamins and nutrition he needs!! We are so thankful!! Every financial gift and breast milk donation is so appreciated by the Mothers’ Milk Bank and the mommas and babies who get to take advantage of the donations!”

Dani, breast milk recipient

“So excited I found a great place to donate my excess milk! They did a great job getting me ready to donate and it was painless!!”

Trista, breast milk donor


The MMBMT gets frequent requests for donor milk from families that cannot afford to pay for the milk. To assist, MMBMT has set up a fund called the “Give the Gift of Milk Fund” to help offset the cost of human donor milk to low income and financially stressed families.  However, the requests for milk exceed our current funds. See how you can help!