Missoula Gives 2017

Have you ever dreamed of making history? Of course we all have. And now we have a chance to be a part of Missoula’s day of giving on May 4th and 5th. This is an opportunity to unite our community around causes in which we truly believe and help nonprofit organizations connect to the larger community.

At the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Montana (www.mothersmilkbankofmt.org), we believe that every baby deserves access to breast milk and we work every day to make that goal a reality. It is not always a straight path that leads to the need for donor milk and that need may arise any time in a child’s first year, due to the myriad factors that influence a baby’s ability to thrive. But there is no question that human donor milk is the next best option to mother’s own milk, because it provides optimal nutrition, easy digestibility, and immunity against illness, especially devastating infections. Donor milk saves the lives of premature and sick infants.
As the only milk bank in Montana, we often encounter many families in need of donor milk who cannot afford it. This is where you come in-we need your help! Please join the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Montana’s campaign and help us reach our goal of raising $3,000. We need you to tell your friends and family members about the important work we do and ask them to join us in helping to make a difference.  On May 4th-5th, from 6pm-6pm, visit
and make a donation to the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Montana. You will have 24 hours to make your donation. All funds raised for Missoula Gives will go to the Give the Gift of Milk Fund to help make donor milk available to low income families with a medical need for it. In addition, all funds raised on Missoula Gives will be stretched due to funds available from the Missoula Community Foundation.

Thank you in advance for supporting the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Montana!


Linsey Rude and Jessica Welborn
Co-Executive Directors

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