Donor Milk: A Bridge to Exclusive Breastfeeding

The American Academy of Pediatrics and The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine both recommend that pasteurized donor milk be used instead of formula when supplementation of breastfed infants is medically necessary. Human Donor Milk (HDM) has a long history of use in NICU to help preterm and sick babies thrive. More recently, the use of donor milk for term and late preterm babies has become increasingly common in nurseries throughout the United States. The availability and use of donor milk may help some mothers of well newborns overcome initial difficulties and succeed at meeting their breastfeeding goals. Donor milk can act as a bridge toward a mom’s goal to exclusively breastfeed her baby if there is a delay in her milk supply coming in full force.

Here is a link to an inspiring recipient story about a couple that chose to use donor milk for their late preterm twins until mom was able to produce enough milk to feed her babies:

In mom’s own words, “Having the donor milk really helped out because it made me feel able to rest so I wasn’t worried about pumping. The rest my body got helped me get more milk.”

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