Donate Breast Milk

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The Mother’s Milk Bank of Montana often has demand that exceeds supply. We are always looking for mothers who have spare breast milk that could be used to help a premature or ill infant thrive.

We have also accepted stored breast milk from mothers who have suffered the devastating loss of a child. There can be comfort for bereaved mothers in knowing that milk for their own baby can help someone else’s. See more about bereavement donations here.

Breast Milk Donation Criteria

Women who are qualified to donate are healthy, non-smokers with an abundance of extra breast milk. New donors must complete the following steps in order to donate their milk:

  • Complete a telephone Interview
  • Fill out Donor Application
  • Sign consent forms from OB and Baby’s Pediatrician
  • Blood test that screens for HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Syphilis, and HTLV

Begin the Breast Milk Donation Process

If you are interested in donating excess breast milk, call the milk bank at 406-531-6789 to get started on the process.