A unique collaboration

Most milk banks function as stand alone facilities where donor milk is collected, stored, pasteurized and distributed to hospitals and individual families. The Mother’s Milk Bank of Montana is a unique model for a milk bank because it combines forces with the Nursing Nook, a lactation resource center run by Jennifer Stires, IBCLC, to provideContinue Reading

Save the Date: Moscow Monday to benefit the milk bank!

We don’t usually mention human donor milk for babies and alcohol consumption in the same sentence, but hey, it’s a new year and an awesome opportunity so why not! On January 19 Montgomery Distillery will be hosting a Moscow Monday to benefit the milk bank – and we couldn’t be more excited or grateful for this opportunity.. $1.00Continue Reading

An easy (and delicious) way to support the milk bank this January

We’re proud to be the featured non-profit of  Liquid Planet’s A Cuppa Community Project this month. We’ve partnered with them to create a truly decadent drink just for you to benefit the milk bank! For the ENTIRE month of January, $1.00 of every salted caramel steamer (AKA: Liquid Gold) sold at Liquid Planet in downtown Missoula goes directlyContinue Reading

A look back..

As 2014 winds down, we’ve taken a moment to pause and reflect on what an exceptional year it has been. It is hard to believe that it was just over a year ago that the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Montana opened its doors in Missoula and pasteurized its first batch of donor milk for distribution. We’veContinue Reading

Mom who underwent double mastectomy grateful for Mothers’ Milk Bank of MT

Publisher’s Note: At the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Montana, we are fortunate to receive some very inspiring stories from our recipients of donor milk. We want to use our blog to share some of these inspiring stories. Here is a story from a very grateful mom whose baby received donor milk: ***** I have hadContinue Reading

Welcome To Our Blog

Thank you for being here! We started this blog to give you a glimpse into the world of milk banking. We also thought it would be a fun place to share news, resources, donor stories that we think are both inspiring and educational. We are excited to start a conversation with you and hope youContinue Reading