Bereavement Breast Milk Donations

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“Donating my milk was monumental because it was a living food that should have been for my baby and because it couldn’t, it went to someone else’s baby and that’s just amazing.” ~Anonymous

Some bereaved mothers do not want to discard their stored breast milk because it is a reminder of and a connection to their baby. An alternative option to discarding your milk is donating it to the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Montana (MMBMT), which provides milk to premature and fragile infants.

MMBMT screens, collects, processes and distributes donated human milk to babies whose mothers cannot supply the milk to meet their own baby’s needs. The majority of donated milk goes to NICUs for babies with gut problems, cardiac problems, and a multitude of other medical challenges that benefit from the gift of donor milk.

You should never feel pressured to donate your milk. That being said, some bereaved mothers have found it healing to donate their milk because they take comfort in knowing that milk that was meant for their baby helped to feed other sick and vulnerable babies that can benefit from donor milk.